Styles Strong Pale Lager

Bear Beer Special Label 8,5%

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Bear Beer 8,5% is a special brew with a golden -yellow colour, pure, slight caramel taste and of course strong, although it does not taste like that. The smooth taste and the well-balanced aroma makes this beer so special. It is not just another Bear Beer – it is a special Bear Beer!

Bear Beer 7.7% (Strong Lager)

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Also known as Harboe Bjørne Bryg (Extra Stark)

Bear Beer 7.7% – the Premium Strong Beer of the Bear Beer family. A combination of mild and strong, moderate hops aroma, full golden colour and pure enjoyment. This internationally renowned brand will also convince you.

Ingredients: water, barley malt, glucose syrup, hops.

Note: this beer is known to vary in alcohol from 7.3% (Swedish export version), 7.5% (UK/other export version under the name Bear Beer), 7.7% (native Danish version), and 8.3% (old Danish version).
Strength united with elegance – a beer which should be enjoyed with respect. The beautiful harmony between the deep colour and the full-bodied taste has made Bjørne Bryg a success.

Bavaria 8.6 Red

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Additional Notes

A beautiful deep colour with various shades of red depending on the light, for a robe which is never the same… but always unique!

A sweet-scented bouquet which reveals pleasant aromas from the very first notes, torrefied with a touch of caramel.

A rich ample beer with malt and light caramel notes, for an ambiguous, lingering sensation which is at once powerful and sweet, with very little bitterness. A taste unlike anything you've ever experienced…